As 2017 is well underway there are some HOT mobile games already released while many more are yet to come. Here at GradsNGames, we've put together a list for the ones you should know about.

Mario Super Run: If you're not already playing this childhood fun game, download it now. Although it's not having the Pokémon Go effect in the gamer world as Nintendo might have anticipated,  it's still a success. Mario Super Run released December 2016 and is now available on IOS and Android platforms. 

Fire Emblem Heroes: Fire Emblem is finally available anytime, anywhere, can we get a hallelujah! Players can get deep into tactical battles on-the-go that has been streamlined for mobile devices with a mix of new and legendary heroes. Fire Emblem Heroes released February 2016 and is available on IOS and Android platforms.

Alto's Odyssey: The Sequel to Alto's Adventure, one of the best mobile games released in 2015, is well under wraps. Although there are not many details on the game and release date, it is said to be available exclusively for IOS. Sorry Android users!

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Anything Marvel has my vote! The release date is also unavailable, however Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy will be available via IOS and Android.  

Planet of Heroes: This PC quality mobile game brings battling to a whole new level. Although the full game is not available yet, users can join early access and play while the developers finish up the game. There will be bugs, but you’ll be able to play it a few months before everybody else - plenty of time to hone your Planet of Heroes skills. Finally Android is shown some love, the game is available via Android only.